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Experience the blissful relaxation of one of our beautiful Tachyon Chambers that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and peaceful. Many of our clients say that Tachyon has an accumulative effect when doing multiple sessions and working with our Tachyon products. We offer several different session lengths and packages for your convenience.  

Price Per Session

30 Minute Session $70.00

60 Minute Session $125.00

90 Minute Session $175.00

90 Minute Shamanic Session 1st Monday of the month. $250.00 please call to schedule 928-451-6304

Package Prices*

5 – 60 Minute Sessions
$530.00 ($106. per session)

10 – 60 Minute Sessions
$1000.00 ($100. per session)

5 – 90 Minute Sessions
$795.00 ($159. per session)

10 – 90 Minute Sessions
$1500.00 ($150. per session)

Monthly Membership*

4 – 60 Minute Sessions per month
$350.00 ($87.50 per session)

4 – 90 Minute Sessions per month
$525.00 ($131.50 per session)

* To purchase Package and Monthly Packages call 928-451-6304 or stop by the Center at 2855 State Route 89A Sedona, 86336

Explaining Tachyon

The best explanation of Tachyon can be broken down in three different parts. The scientific theory of tachyon, the benefits of Tachyon, and what it’s like to experience Tachyon.

The Scientific Theory of Tachyon

Tachyon is a scientific theory that was first proposed by Einstein. Tachyon remains a theory because it can not be seen or measured, yet it CAN be felt. In the scientific world, Tachyon refers to imaginary mass fields and have come to play a significant role in modern physics. Tachyon is a particle that moves faster than the speed of light, which is the reason it is so challenging to measure Tachyon. Scientists today do not have tools advanced enough to measure a particle like Tachyon. Measuring the Higgs Boson particle cost $13.25 Billion, and Tachyon is much more difficult to measure because of its velocity. Many believe that the pyramids in Egypt and other parts of the world were built to harness Tachyon. There are also people who say that the Egyptians worked with rods containing Tachyon. Tachyon is not human-made, it has always existed, and we have created a name for it and ways to harness the energy. Much like Quantum Physics, Tachyon will remain a theory until Western science can catch up to these faster than light particles.

Benefits of Tachyon

Tachyon infiltrates physical matter with spiritual light, which makes the benefits of being in a Tachyon field vast. We often have our clients set a specific intention for each Tachyon session. Tachyon is a very smart and adaptable energy meaning that it amplifies the intention as long as the intention is in alignment with one’s highest good. Tachyon promotes physical healing and pain relief. The more one works with Tachyon, the more their spiritual development accelerates. Tachyon is like a multidimensional reboot. It opens the third eye enhancing meditations and connecting us to source energy and our highest self. Tachyon is a reset for your energy body restoring your chakras and balancing your energy meridians. Tachyon can clear mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks.

Tachyon is an excellent aid for those struggling with addiction or weight loss. It is beneficial in aiding the healing of disease and illness because there is an energetic root to all diseases and illnesses. Tachyon has antiaging effects on the entire physical body.

There is a cumulative effect with multiple Tachyon sessions activating DNA to a restorative state. Tachyon also raises one’s vibrational frequency over time.

What it is like to Experience Tachyon

A Tachyon experience is different for every person. Tachyon is intelligent energy meaning each person has the unique experience that they need. One of the things I’ve noticed is that each person has a different experience based on the state they are when they come in for their session and what kind of healing they need.

If a person comes in tired or is unable to get out of their head the energy often sends warm waves through their body creating a deep state of relaxation, and sometimes they fall asleep. Tachyon has a rejuvenating effect for those needing a pick me up.

If people have a lot of stress, they are able to sort out thoughts and emotions during a Tachyon session. People often leave feeling clear and energized. Many people who come in for a Tachyon session experience vivid meditations and astral travel. A lot of our clients say that they can connect with angels, spirit guides, and lost loved ones while they are in the Tachyon Chambers.

When energetic blocks are clearing, people experience an emotional release and even physical sensations in the Tachyon chambers. One of our clients told me that she feels as if the Tachyon takes her back to ground zero. She said a Tachyon session is like pushing a big reset button leaving her calm and clear-headed.

We often tell people to go in without any expectations so that they can have their own unique Tachyon experience. Working with Tachyon raises one’s vibration, and the energy body begins craving Tachyon energy, which is why many of our clients feel the need to carry our Tachyon Illumination Rods with them everywhere they go.

Book your Tachyon Chamber session or buy your own set of Tachyon Illumination Rods right here on our website to experience Tachyon for yourself.

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

“The Tachyon Wellness Sedona Center is the epitome of energetic healing and meditation!  I loved my session there!  I met the gracious owners, Dr. Lee Griffith and his wife, Shaman Olivia Hardt Griffith and promised to come back again and again!”

-Clarissa Burt

“That was the most relaxing and peaceful hour of my life. My mind has been completely saved from negative thoughts, stress and anxiety.”

-Google Review

“Words cannot express how incredible my experience was today! The healing room is absolutely peaceful and amazing. The amount of blissful healing energy I experienced, was off the charts. I was still blissed out many hours later! I can’t say enough about how incredible the Center is and how amazing the healing energy was! Thank you!”

-Facebook Review

“Relaxing, energizing and helps with the ease of your pain.  It is absolutely worth the drive from Phoenix.  Even after a few days I am still benefiting from my session.  I can not wait to go again.”

-Yelp Review

“Wonderful loving atmosphere. Beautiful healing chambers and tools. I had a very positive experience which I will be writing about soon. I am still integrating the many gifts and insights received today. Thank you Tachyon Wellness Center for your vision, warm reception, and open house.”

-Facebook Review

“Came through Sedona looking for healing and rest. This Tachyon place kept appearing in our field. When things keep popping up I tend to follow them like breadcrumbs laid out for me.

Found it a deeply relaxing experience both to mind and body. I was skeptical of this technology… but I am very glad I gave it a try. Thank you to it owners for providing this.”

-Yelp Review

“Enjoyed this replenishing 1-hr Tachyon session! Felt rejuvenated & relieved some back pain/tension was experiencing. Would definitely go back anytime. Highly recommended for people new to meditation, excellent way to go within & for any/all physical healing! Thank you.”

-Google Review

“Tachyon Wellness is a beautiful, high vibrational healing space in Sedona that uses state of the art energy technology to jump start your holistic healing process and spiritual growth. I went in with no expectations and had a very deep healing experience in which my thoughts slowed down and stopped and I had powerful insights about my life. I released old childhood beliefs and felt energy moving through my belly area, the inflammation and soreness in my stomach that is now gone. I did more research on Tachyon energy and am very excited about this modality which is based on quantum physics and was developed by a professor of science who healed himself from a chronic illness. We are so lucky to have this opportunity amplified by the powerful energy of Sedona, I highly recommend it!”

-Yelp Review

“Beyond words! Within minutes inside the gorgeous, glorious amethyst chamber the chair I was reclined in melted away. I felt simultaneously held and suspended like a fetus in the womb. Visions of Ancients came through alongside those who have yet to come. I found myself deeply held and loved outside of time and space. No mind. No body. Just pure consciousness. Pure love. I am already looking forward to my next session which will be booked before the Sun goes down today!  From the bottom of my beat-beat heart, thank you for bringing this powerful healing to Sedona.”

-Facebook Review


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